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      This will be updated by Admins and Mod's only. This announcements section will be updated when and if we want to put more information into one of our recent updates.
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      Community support for the website as well as general support for tech you might own or have questions about. Help guides will be included at the very top in sticky post format
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    • Town Directory
      A list supplied by players who have founded there own towns. You may browse this list and then go on the server and request the owner if you would like to join his/her town.
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    • 1 month, 4 weeks ago

      Profile photo of Chase Chase

    • Apply for Staff Here!

      How to apply for a Zaoby staff position

      1. Why you would like a staff position
      2. prior experience with moderating and / or reviewing (don't have to have any)
      3. what you want to do (Moderator / Reviewer / Forums topic maker / Innovator )
      4. An example of what you can do (A slice of a review you have done, an example of what you would do in certain situations) (for Moderator and Reviewer)
      5. Interests and Hobbys.
      6. Why you think you should be part of Zaoby
      7. What type of person you feel you are.
      8. A bio for the About Us page (we can use just your username)
      9. For just Zaoby Staff you do not require skype

      Minecraft Staff addon to first part

      1. You have to recruit two or more friends.
      2. you have to have played for an entire play time of 80+ hours (before we will consider you)
      3. be recognized by at least 3 staff members as a good person (nice to speak to, kind, polite, helpful)
      4. You have to be at least fourteen years of age to apply!
      5. Zaoby Minecraft Staff requires Skype, this is unconditional. (Decent Mic & internet connection)

      Some of these questions are really hard but I would like you to try your best, Thanks for reading this and I hope you consider applying to becoming part of the Zaoby team!

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    • 3 days, 3 hours ago

      Profile photo of Shadow (Actually Jack, but Half stole my name) Shadow (Actually Jack, but Half stole my name)