Welcome to the Zaoby Community

Zaoby is gear'd up for ease of use, fun and creativity and not always in that order! Please choose from our variety of services.


Zaoby started from a forum based website and always goes back to its roots, the forum is made for general discussion of all sorts of topics.

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Service Status

Illyasviel, Sapphire, Katana and Honoka currently make the Zaoby network what it is.


Games Servers

Minecraft, Terraria, Ark: survival evolved, Don't starve together, Team Fortress 2, Planetside 2, War Thunder and many more

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We've adopted Discord for our Voice service of choice. Join us and help us grow!

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We've always written reviews and caused up on the latest topic that grabs our attention, let's see where we go next!

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Social media

If in doubt, our social media might be able to lead the way or keep you up-to-date

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Questions we are usually asked.

After the past 5 iterations it is finally time to take some time and set things up properly. This FAQ will contain questions that are asked enough to become tedious.
Due to spamming and a fair few bots. We have had to remove the link from the website! however, if you play any of our fixed servers all you need do is ask! or wait for it to be advertised.

Zaoby has two main Incident trackers one is on sapphire and the other is on Illyasviel, on a general basis Sapphire will be updated first. If a full service is taken offline then all social media will be notifed and updated accordingly.

Zaoby has many rules and they do change service to service. Why do they change? so that we can provide a safe & fun environment service to service. So please make sure to check each of them on their relavent pages on the main site or on the forums. - Basic rules - 1. Respect others (No abuse, No racism, etc) 2. No harmful material 3. Enjoy your stay.

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