The Crypto mining rig (built and setup)

The Intel G4400 Nvidia 1060 Crypto mining rig *so far*

(Not the guide – but has a few troubleshooting steps – more of a report of progress)

I am going to start this by making a statement and here it goes “I HATE INTEL STOCK COOLERS!; Intel wants to punish you for using their stock coolers and they do so superbly”

Okay, to start we need to make sure that everything turns on. This best and most foolproof way to do this is to take everything out of the box connect everything together and plug it into a display, then of course turn it on. If the system POSTs then we are in business! if not then here are a few troubleshooting steps you may want to follow.

  1. Are the 24pin motherboard connector and CPU 4 – 8pin and Seated correctly?
  2. If the graphics card/s are attached try to disconnect them. (If you then see the display then you need to go into your BIOS and find the Graphics settings menu, select the IGFX option as this will use your Intel CPU Graphics.)
  3. Is your RAM seated correctly?
  4. Is your CPU seated correctly? (this is difficult to get wrong but if this is your first build then you can do it. *BE CAREFUL!! the CPU socket pins are fragile*)
  5. Is your BIOS up-to-date?

These are my five step check list that I usually go over. If your are on an Asus or Asrock Mining Motherboard then it should detect that you are plugged in using the Integrated Graphics, if you are using Biostar (like me) then you are in for a world of qwerks and pain…

Love how the Corsair CS750M was possibly the worst and cheapest PSU I have bought in years. I forget that Corsair don’t wave the flag of quality they used to… “Yey RMA…”. Lots and lots of pain so far and very few results. My general consensus for this build has been “okay” with the Zotac card standing out like a sore thumb as its the only bit of kit that worked out of the box. I’ve now ordered a HX1000 which will hopefully be better than its predecessor.  Oh and there won’t be wattage reviews as the CS750M blew up my power meters… (that will come in the month review.)

I wimped out and installed Windows after fighting with Debian, Ubuntu Desktop & Server, which had all decided that they would either not install on this motherboard or if they installed they couldn’t do anything. The typical Windows installation stock is around 16GB’s and luckily Windows 10 is no exception and for now mine is trundling away with only two BSOD (Blue screen of death)s under its belt.

A one GPU setup is fairly interesting. – 2.2 Dollars a day

Three GPU setup (burn that Silicon) 6.8 Dollars a day

Again, I can’t express my delight with these Zotac cards. They are loyal to a point and pretty darn solid, I love the way they aren’t wasting my power with LED’s or boosting its price with a backplate. And the fact they can deal with running with high automatic overclocks at a fan speed of 42% (basically inaudible – so I can sleep) its just bliss. I am planning to change the max tdp from 100% to 80% as this should change the power consumption fairly drastically while maintaining high clockspeeds. For reference my first card is currently achieving 2023.5MHz (no idea where the .5 comes from but what the hell) on its boost Clock, also the memory clock is at 2363.8MHz (again, never seen these . readings before…)

So this is it, time to wait and see what will happen after a month of mining with three GPU’s.

Thanks for reading this progress report! and I shall hopefully report positive information in the future.

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