Games servers and Gaming clan sessions

Zaoby has hosted Minecraft servers since 2012, Factions, Tekkit, Towny, Quest driven. You name it we have probably given it a go! to play enter into your Minecraft client.
Another Zaoby Classic, we encourage everyone to work together however if you want your own Terraria server just pop a message in the forums!
Not so much a classic but tons of our previous iteration users used our hosted servers with their friends! we hope that people will be able to enjoy it all over again.
A newer title on the community hosting front. We don't know what to expect from it and are looking for help in managing it.
Now we don't host this game, but we do have a clan that keeps growing. Join us today on Cobalt, New Conglomerate.

Zaoby is commited to creating new communities

  • We want you to create your own gaming community, and to do that we can provide help but how? with our simple 4 step process you could have your own sever for free!
  • Have an idea, that you want to do? why do you want to do it? What help do you need to start? - Use the form to get started here

  • We will contact you and have a bit of a chat if we approve of your idea

  • Time to kick the tires for a trial run! this can be anything from 7 to 28 days and can vairy in its results. If you haven't used it or have decided that hosting a community isn't for you then this is the period where you get to decide whats best
  • And so you start, we hope you enjoy your new community! If you have decided you like owning your own server or website or 'other' then we will continue to support you and you can advertise on the Zaoby forums